Mohan Rai

  • »We are your wings to make you comfortable while travelling through the 3 worlds. Our souls are working together and bring more and more spiritual love together.«

  • »Dear Leonie,
    You are doing such good work. Actually, please continue this beautiful work all the time. Our spiritual support will always be there. When you make mother Earth and people happy that means your light is growing ...
    Dhan Sing is here for 5 days and sends his Namaste to you.
    All the best, Love, Mohan Rai«
  • »Dear Leonie,
    I am so happy to hear from you from time to time. I think you are deserved and selected by the spirits to live for services and to help people as a Shaman and as a social person. I know many of elderly persons who love your work.
    Please continue your abilities all the times. My blessing prayer for you is always there. As I told you that helping poor and sick people is one of the superb way to build our spiritual walls and develope the inner light.
    Best regards from Dhan Sing and from my family. Mohan Rai«
  • Dear Leonie, thank you very much for your wonderful praying and paying for the people who lost their houses during the earthquake. I am so grateful towards your help. God bless you for your delightful effort and support.